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Palo santo trees are widely grown and collected so their wood can be used to produce bottled essential oil using steam distillation. Aside from its mental health applications, palo santo offers promising benefits when it comes to raising immunity and fighting illness.


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This bracelet  it is made one by one each bead.

About Aloha Palo Santo

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Aloha Palo Santo was born in September 28, 2017 in Ala Moana,Nauru tower, Oahu, Hawaii. It was the inspiration of the new Hawaiian born keiki Kailash to share his background with his homeland of Hawaii. With the purpose of bringing the world together thru Aloha Palo Santo

What is Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the  north coast of Peru. It lives around 80 years old. After it dies of natural causes just then the tree start emanating the strong and healer aroma the brings the tree to life again thru it essential oil. Thats why knowers call it the Bird Phoenix(greek mythology) of the woods. In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood”. 



 It is a strong medicine that has been popularized for its heavenly presence in keeping energies grounded and clear. Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to its magic.

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